Procurement Activities

OSG Procurement's Basic Polices

At OSG Group, we implement the following measures based on the OSG Group Corporate Code of Conduct in our procurement activities.

Open and Fair Transaction

OSG carries out fair and open transactions based on the principle of free competition and in accordance with the values of globality and openness. In order to establish relationships leading to mutual growth, OSG and its suppliers make efforts to deepen mutual understanding and build relationships of mutual trust.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Demands

Our procurement activities are carried out in compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms. In accordance with social demands, we also develop our procurement activities with due consideration to the environment, human rights, labor standards, health and safety, and information management.

Consideration for the Environment

In order to protect the environment, we prioritize the purchase of environmentally-friendly products (green procurement activities) and the use of suppliers who implement environmental conservation measures in their manufacturing processes.

Green Procurement Guidelines

We aim to provide our customers with environment-conscious products in accordance with our Environmental Policy of making our entire supply chain more environmentally friendly.

We seek the cooperation of our business partners in the establishment of an environmental guarantee system and the provision of environmental guarantees of procured products in order to allow us to act as a business that provides eco-friendly products through our development, design, production, and distribution processes in all of the regions in which we operate.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Our Green Procurement Guidelines are an important set of policies that consider the full life cycle of commercial products and relate to the management of chemical substances in supply chain products and information provision. In order to prioritize the procurement and purchase of materials and products with a reduced impact on people and the environment when procuring materials required for production, we work together with our business partners in areas such as the management of chemical substances contained in products and self-evaluation of green procurement activities. We are also undertaking initiatives to promote the integration our green procurement activities with those of our business partners.

Green Procurement Guidelines

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