Basic Philosophy

The OSG Group is working towards the development of a more sustainable society by maintaining and developing healthy relationships with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities. As members of society, we will strive to exist in harmony with society through social contribution activities and the promotion of mutual understanding with stakeholders.

Promoting Diversity

Disability Employment Initiatives

To further promote employment of people with disabilities, OSG established a special subsidiary OSG Active Co., Ltd., the first of its kind in the cutting tool industry, in December 2022. We have always maintained our statutory quota. Now, with the establishment of this special subsidiary, we have created an environment that sets working hours and conditions in a way that best suits the abilities of each individual so that person feels the environment is more conducive to helping him or her perform the work.
At OSG, all employees work together regardless of their disability. Depending upon the situation, some employees may require certain considerations. However, with all team members understanding and assisting the other members, everyone is able to play an active part as a member of the team. Our aim is to create an environment where people with a disability are able to be a dynamic force in their respective workplaces, shine in their achievements, and feel joy in their accomplishments.
In addition, the special subsidiary OSG Active Co., Ltd. partners with community social welfare organizations and government institutions. We cooperate in promoting employment for people with disabilities throughout the community by arranging activities and lectures to promote such opportunities as well as tours of our facilities so that people may see how all of our employees work. With the statutory quota to be raised from the current 2.3% to 2.5% in 2024 and then to 2.7% in 2026, the OSG Group will proactively promote community and social contributions premised upon our social responsibility to achieve and maintain the statutory quota.

  • Percentage of Employees with DisabilitiesPercentage of Employees with Disabilities
  • Disability Employment Initiatives

Promoting Active Participation by Women

OSG has strived to maintain a pleasant work environment based on the proposition of promoting "diversity and inclusion," enabling our diverse human resources to capitalize on their individual personalities and character as well as demonstrate their abilities to the fullest regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, sex, disability, or other traits. This approach also recognizes that women's empowerment in the workplace is an important issue. Our aim is to provide the means for each and every woman to demonstrate her abilities to the utmost in her career by continuing to work passionately and assuredly.

  • Women Employees & ManagersWomen Employees & Managers
  • Women's empowerment project members holding a meeting
    Women's empowerment project members holding a meeting

In April 2019, based on the Law for the Promotion of Women's Activities and the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, the introduction and utilization of a flextime system was established as an action plan. From April 2022, we have taken a further step up and formulated a new action plan.

<Targets and Initiatives>

  • Hold seminars to promote women's careers
  • Holding social events for female management candidates
  • Consider and implement a support system by introducing benefit services related to pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare
  • Raise awareness of the comeback system

It was my feeling that sustainability promotion operations require one to look at the company from a more objective standpoint than I had imagined and an understanding of operations in a broad range of areas is required. I have been able to consider the roles of a variety of departments from perspectives different from those I had ever taken before. This experience has been very inspiring. Having taken childcare leave and returned to work on two separate occasions, I am still raising my children and the leader of the labor team that supports our employees. I want to make use of my experience balancing both home and work to implement activities that will broaden the playing field for women in a unique way at OSG, while also exchanging views with other women team members of a broad range of ages actively working in a variety of different departments.

Labor Affairs Team Human Resources & Labor Affairs Group Human Resources & General Affairs Department
Management Planning Department Sustainability Promotion Officer
Yuko Minamoto

Promoting Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources


Nationality is not taken into account during recruitment at OSG. The same recruitment process and conditions are applied regardless of nationality and employees from a range of countries are currently employed throughout the company. At present, ten different nationalities are represented among the staff at the OSG parent company.
We have manufacturing and sales locations in 33 countries around the world, and our overseas subsidiaries provide employment to people in their respective countries.

Trainees from Overseas

OSG has production sites and sales locations all over the world. We are making active efforts to promote the development of employees both in Japan and in our overseas locations. We regularly accept employees from our overseas subsidiaries as trainees and provide training in the technology and know-how employed at our mother factories. After leaving Japan, these trainees are able to integrate the knowledge and cultural experience gained during the time in the country with their own local values in order to provide training and guidance to other employees. They also act as a bridge between employees in Japan and overseas, contributing to raising standards of production and technology in each location. OSG also utilizes human resources development projects and subsidies promoted by government bodies to further expand the number of opportunities for active participation by employees from various countries.
In addition to our in-house initiatives, we also provide internships to non-Japanese university students from both Japanese and overseas universities. We aim to contribute to students' future success through long-term training opportunities that provide a stepping stone towards building their careers.

Intercultural Exchange in Dormitory Life

Intercultural Exchange in Dormitory Life
A gathering of dormitory residents

Trainees who come to OSG from overseas are provided with accommodation at the dormitories used by our other employees. At these dormitories, trainees from overseas live together with younger employees who have relocated for work. By living in a shared space, trainees from overseas can make the most of their time in Japan through the opportunity to experience Japanese culture while also sharing enjoyable experiences and concerns with trainees from other countries.
Being in a position of providing support to others is also a valuable experience for our younger employees. Dormitory residents also have the opportunity to participate in regular meetings, social events, and volunteer-run events including sports and excursions.
We strive to make daily life as comfortable as possible for trainees from overseas and employees in Japan. Our Human Resources and General Affairs Department provide integrated support alongside any relevant departments in order to resolve issues that cannot be handled within the dormitory.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Philosophy

In 2013, we introduced a new personnel system with the aim of enabling our employees to develop in a way that maximizes our value as a company while creating a corporate culture that emphasizes personal development and embracing challenges. We believe that our employees have unlimited potential and are an indispensable part of the company. Building on our philosophy with regards to human resource development, we strive to expand and improve our employees' capabilities and help them to develop based on the seven qualities required for advanced manufacturing.

<Seven Qualities Required for OSG Employees>

Globality: As the world's leading manufacturer of cutting tools, we must be constantly aware of our position as a member of a global society and demonstrate the sensitivity to respond to cultures, languages, and customs around the world.
Spirit of challenge: We must understand dreams and aspirations, never fearing failure as we continue to set and try to achieve ambitious targets.
As we move forward, we have to think on our feet to adapt to changes while generating profit.
Conceptualization: In order to contribute to manufacturing industries around the world as a cutting tool manufacturer, we must be able to see the essence of objects, formulating advanced concepts and plans that also align with company policies and management goals.
Communication: In order to actualize the idea of "tools and communication", we must foster strong relationships based on trust, communicate intentions and information with speed and accuracy, and collaborate with team members both within and outside of the company.
Leadership: Leadership allows us to guide the members of our team in the right direction and demonstrate the boundless potential of collective effort.
A leader can gain the complete trust of their team and shows humanity, sincerity and a sense of responsibility as the situation demands.
Followership: Followership means providing active support for leadership in order to demonstrate the boundless potential of collective effort while having the awareness and capacity to collaborate with leaders and organizations to achieve the objectives of the workplace.
Innovation: Innovation allows us to create new value by pursuing the development of cutting tools to provide products and services that meet the real needs of our customers.

Human Resource Development System

To develop leaders capable of adapting during a time when working styles and ways of thinking are increasingly diversified, OSG provides e-learning courses on communication, management, harassment, attentive listening, and other subjects. This is training that our personnel are able to put to use to better perform their jobs. In addition, we also have more than 150 self-development distance learning courses. Group training is also offered to help employees understand what kind of personnel OSG views as ideal as well as the requirements for promotion. These are part of our initiatives for developing the next generation of leaders. All our training aligns in the same trajectory as set out in our Medium-Term Management Plan and Human Resources Development Policy. It is our aim to establish a program that enables our human resources to continue to develop.

Human Resource Development System

New Employee Training Program

New Employee Training Program

Set out on the theme of "creating a starting point for growth in the workplace," OSG Group's new employee training program provides introductory as well as specialized job-specific training. We have a curriculum that emphasizes a mindset for new employees, who just graduated from high school, to help them become mentally prepared and behave as working adults, and to provide new employees just out of university with the mental preparedness and knowledge to produce results in business. The specialized training is arranged according to department assignment and focuses on trainees acquiring practical skills.
The program also incorporates a lot of group work, which requires dialogue and cooperation, to improve employees' communication skills and build human relations during the same time interval. This also serves as a first step to creating a personal network. By providing optimal training tailored to the certain age of new employees as well as the departments to which they are assigned, the program provides a boost to all personnel enabling them to grow.


My motto is "never extinguish the flame of human resources development." I have been involved in developing OSG's human resources for six years. In recent years, I feel there has been a shift from the acquisition of skills and knowledge through experience to their acquisition through training and education. All the same, the way in which we might best interact with other people is something that manuals are unable to help us resolve. The goal of all human resources training is dialogue. I hope that, as a result of the training, our employees are able to take with them one thing that they have learned, put that into practice, and recognize its value. Employees who are subordinates are always demanding the three desires: to be seen, to be heard, and to be understood. The satisfaction of these three desires fosters the initiative to grow as a team.
While allowing for diverse values in work and private affairs, I believe a supportive group helps all members function as a team to achieve their goals. That is what human resource development is all about. We will continue to take up the challenge of developing the OSG Group's human capital with the goal of connecting training to evaluation.

Human Resources & Human Resources Development Team
Human Resources & General Affairs Department
Kenichi Magaino

Careers and Reskilling

Careers and Reskilling

The OSG Group promotes reskilling so that our employees learn the knowledge and skills necessary for operations, which allows for the appropriate personnel to be assigned to the appropriate position. Our aim is to establish a system that better links employees' careers and business operations in order to improve the productivity of each and every individual.
OSG Group administers a career planning program so that our employees themselves think about their own careers and periodically submit their aspirations detailing where they want to be in three, five, and ten years. Along with a certification incentive program through which we support our employees in improving the skills that will help them prepare to boost their own careers, we are seeking to create a distance learning program that functions interactively and allows employees to choose what they want to learn to improve themselves from more than 150 courses, as well as to create a system helping employees to find fulfillment and motivation in their work.

Building a Better Working Environment

Promotion of work-life balance

Working from Home System

Working from home system started (officially introduced) in April 2022. We are working to improve the workplace environment and operations to enable working from home, and have institutionalized it as one of the flexible work styles. OSG is operating the system with the following two objectives.

<Home Working System Objectives>

  • 1. Achieving an optimal work-life balance (childcare / nursing care)
  • 2. Enabling the company to continue operating during emergencies (natural disasters, pandemics, etc.)

Flextime System

We have introduced a flextime system for positions in divisions such as technology, development and the back office, where improved efficiency and productivity can be achieved by providing employees with discretion over their working hours. This has been a popular addition to our existing systems of reduced working hours for employees with childcare and nursing responsibilities because it facilitates our employees' work and enables them to work in a way that fits their individual lifestyles.
Our flextime system operates between 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The core hours depend on the time of year and are either 10:00 am to 2:50 pm or 10:30 am to 3:20 pm.

Childcare leave System

The Childcare Leave Law will be revised on April 1, 2022, and we are conducting educational activities and training for employees. We support the promotion of childcare leave for men as well as women, and have a system in place to provide individual explanations of the childcare leave system. We strive to create an environment that allows employees to balance work and family life. Since the introduction of the system, we have been enhancing the content of the system beyond the legally stipulated standards, and we have continued to improve and expand the system.

<Childcare Leave System Expansion>

1. System of reduced working hours to allow for fertility treatment (paid leave)
Employees can receive special paid leave and reduce their working hours by up to two hours per day in order to receive fertility treatment.
2. System for adjusting work hours
Parents working at sites where flextime is not available may apply to adjust their working time in the increment of ten minutes by up to two hours per day until their child finishes Grade 6 (extended) at elementary school.
3. Extended eligibility period for childcare leave
The eligibility period for childcare leave has been extended until children reach two years of age.
4. Extended eligibility period for exemption from overtime
The eligibility period for exemption from overtime has been extended until children enter elementary school.
5. Expanded system of reduced working hours for employees with childcare needs
The eligibility period for the system of reduced working hours for employees with childcare need has been extended until children finish third grade of junior high school.

Data on personnel taking childcare leave

Item FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Childcare leave Men No. of eligible employees taking leave[people] 1 2 3 19
Percentage of eligible employees taking leave[%] 2 4 5 37.3
Avg. number of days taken[days] 120 64 60 23
Percentage of employees returning to work[%] 100 100 100 100
Women No. of eligible employees taking leave[people] 15 8 14 11
Percentage of eligible employees taking leave[%] 100 100 100 100
Avg. number ofdays taken[days] 420 509 426 403
Percentage of employees returning to work[%] 93 88 100 100
Shorter working hours for childcare No. of employees with shortened hours[people] 29 34 39 29

One work-life balance program participant's story

Comments by male employee on childcare leave

I took childcare leave because I wanted to be able to spend time with my child, if at all possible, during that once-in-a-lifetime young age. Initially, I was uneasy about leaving work to my coworkers. However, as the days went on, I realized how difficult housework is and my respect grew for those who have experienced raising a child. More than anything though, I was able to spend an enjoyable time with my child. I feel that more men should take childcare leave.

Supervisor's comments
Childcare leave is different from taking leave for an illness or other situation that must be immediately addressed. With childcare leave, plans can be made in advance. Even so, it is actually quite difficult to hand over your duties to a coworker. For that reason, I felt it was necessary to write meeting minutes of even the small meetings on a regular basis, and to assign a person to assist in each task so that team members have a general understanding of the work that he performs in the workplace.

Nursing Care Leave System Expansion

We have continued to improve and expand our nursing care leave system since its introduction. More detailed information is provided below.

<Nursing Care Leave System Expansion>

1. 365-days nursing care leave
In consideration of the trend towards longer periods of nursing care, we provide 365 days of nursing care leave rather than the 93 days stipulated by law.
2. Elimination of three year period for reduced working hours for employees with nursing care needs
Under the previous regulations, employees were able to use the system of reduced working hours for employees with nursing care needs twice or more during the three year period from when they began using the system. In consideration of the trend towards longer periods of nursing care, the three year period has been eliminated following a review.

Expansion of Eligibility for Taking Annual Paid Leave by the Hour

OSG has previously allowed employees who need to care for a child in the third grade or younger, a family member within the second degree who requires nursing care or support, and need to go to the hospital or receive treatment for an injury or illness to take annual paid leave by the hour. From April 2022, with the aim of improving work-life balance, the scope of coverage has been expanded to all employees to take annual paid leave by the hour.

Increased Maximum Reserve for the Expired Paid Leave Reserve System

As part of our existing efforts to reduce lost paid leave, we have operated a reserve system for paid leave, which expires two years after it is received, while also aiming to increase the rate of paid leave taken each year. Reserve paid leave can be taken in order to receive medical treatment in cases of personal injury or illness and to provide nursing care to family members through the medical leave system. Previously, up to four days per year could be kept in reserve up to a maximum cumulative total of 30 days, however, these initiatives were further improved and expanded in April 2020.

<Medical Leave System Expansion>

1. Expansion of maximum amount of reserve to 40 days
2. Expansion of eligibility conditions

Under the previous eligibility conditions, employees had to be unable to work due to a non-work related injury or illness for seven consecutive days or more. This has been reduced to one day or more in order to make the system easier to use.

Percentage of annual paid leave taken (%)

Safety and Health Management

OSG declared itself a "Global Company," "Healthy Company," and "Environmentally Friendly Company" in 1996. In 2014, we adopted the tagline "Shaping your dreams" as our brand identity. We believe that creating an environment where each and every employee is cheerful, happy, and energetic in their daily work and contributing to the sustainable development of the community, society, and the Earth based on our philosophy of "being a public entity of society" will create a prosperous future. As we approach our 100th anniversary, we will continue to pursue wellbeing and give shape to our dreams through human resource development and manufacturing as a global company that shines even brighter.

Safety and Health Management Report

Health management

Initiatives as a Health Company

As a health company, OSG is committed to further corporate growth and social development by implementing health promotion activities that leave no one behind from the perspective of employees, such as disease prevention and support for balancing work and medical treatment.

Support for Balancing Medical Treatment and Work

At OSG, we have established a company policy regarding support for balancing medical treatment with work.

  • The feelings of the person concerned are given priority.
  • Employees are not required to disclose the name of their condition.
  • A flexible approach is taken without excessive adherence to rules. (Burden should not be placed on the person concerned.)

In order to implement this company policy, a number of employees have been involved in the creation of various systems to support employees who are receiving medical treatment.

  • Support system including industrial physicians, public health nurses, nurses (occupational health professionals) and companies
    A system to facilitate contact with occupational health professionals has been implemented at each of our locations.
  • Review of internal notification procedures (reducing the burden on the person receiving treatment)
    Occupational health professionals handle a range of internal notification procedures in order to reduce the burden placed on the person receiving treatment.
  • Creation of tailored plans for returning to work by occupational health professionals and human resources personnel.
    Careful consideration is given to the condition of the person receiving treatment, and every effort is made to support them as much as possible.
A system to facilitate contact with occupational health professionals has been implemented at each of our locations.

We constantly strive to put our employees first and enable them to balance medical treatment with work.

Health promotion through employee cafeteria menus

OSG is enhancing cafeteria to maintain the health of employees. As one of our main efforts, we provide healthy rice, low-sodium miso soup, and a well-balanced menu with a lot of vegetables, based on the concept that "good health starts from daily meals. NEO Shinshiro factory offers a café-like atmosphere where employees can relax and enjoy their meals.

OSG Recognized as 'Excellent Health Management Company 2023 - White 500'

OSG Recognized as 'Excellent Health Management Company 2023 - White 500'

In March 2023, OSG Corporation was recognized as an Excellent Health Management Company (Large Company Division) - White 500 under the Excellent Health Management Company Certification System jointly administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. This system honors companies that take the initiative to practice health management. Of the companies selected as Excellent Health Management Companies (Large Company Division), the top 500 companies practicing particularly outstanding health management are recognized as the White 500.
OSG Corporation declared that we would be a "Healthy Company." We have promoted a variety of initiatives to promote employee health, among which are providing health-conscious meals, offering employees health management services and stress checks, and, together with our in-house public health nurses, providing exercise support, mental health care, as well as implementing other health-improvement measures and policies. These sorts of continuous activities have garnered high regard, leading to the White 500 certification.

Safety Management

Safety and Health Committee

Under the leadership of the Headquarters Safety and Health Committee, in which all executives participate, each committee continues to work together with all employees to promote safety and health. In the event of an accident, the Safety Management Committee takes the lead in pursuing the causes and countermeasures at the site where the accident occurred, and shares the information with the company to prevent the same accident from happening again. The Health Management Committee supports the health status of each employee and promotes health activities with the aim of creating a workplace environment where employees can feel healthy and secure.

Company-wide Safety and Health Committee Structure
Company-wide Safety and Health Committee Structure

Safety Education

OSG conducts risk assessment activities, safety and health education, and zero accident meetings to raise employee awareness of safety.
Recently, we have been aiming to further improve safety awareness by implementing experiential education that allows employees to experience hazards on their own. As a result of these proactive efforts, the number of work-related accidents has been decreasing.

Number of Occupational Accidents
Number of Occupational Accidents

Respect for Human Rights

The OSG Group and all employees both in Japan and abroad work with respect for human rights and are committed to following the letter and the spirit of all relevant laws, regulations and international rules while taking a proactive approach to the creation of a sustainable society with sound values. We ensure a work environment that will neither offend nor discriminate by race, belief, skin color, sex, religion, nationality, language, physical appearance, wealth, or birthplace. We must be particularly mindful of sexual harassment, which we strongly disapprove of as a company. When such problems occur, we must quickly investigate the case, provide aid to the person making the complaint, and act decisively to prevent any recurrences.

Human Rights Policy

OSG Corporation and all the group companies (hereinafter referred to collectively as "OSGs") respect the"International Bill of Human Rights" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Human Rights), the International Labor Organization (ILO)'s "Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" and the United Nation's "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," which define the fundamental human rights that everyone in the world should have, and establish "OSG Group Human Rights Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "Policy"). Each one of the members of OSGs shall promote activities related to human rights based on this Policy.

Initiatives Promoting Respect for Human Rights

Some of the main activities undertaken at our company in order to promote respect for human rights are outlined below.

1. Awareness activities
Training for new employees includes a session on the topic of "Noticing Prejudice" in order to provide an opportunity to engage with awareness of human rights. We also aim to raise awareness of issues relating to human rights among mid-level employees, particularly those in management positions, by providing opportunities to attend external seminars.
2. Initiatives to ensure fair selection during recruitment
Fairness in the recruitment process is a key measure of a businesses' respect for human rights, and OSG employees are provided with comprehensive awareness training before working in positions relating to recruitment or conducting interviews.
3. Initiatives to improve the working environment
Human rights issues are addressed in our in-house newsletter, and every effort is made to prevent the occurrence of issues in the working environment.
4. Initiatives to prevent harassment
OSG has set out harassment prevention rules with the goal of preventing various forms of harassment. We have communicated to employees the company's role, management's responsibility, the availability of consultation systems, and other aspects that help prevent harassment. We are striving to maintain an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to work in. Along with raising awareness about harassment prevention, we will further expand our consultation system, increasing the number of counselors along with other enhancements, so that the company is able to respond quickly to any potential cases.

We are making active efforts to promote human rights awareness among all of our employees and will continue to carry out this important work. OSG is also a member of the Industrial Federation for Human Rights in Aichi and engages in activities to promote and improve human rights awareness.

The Sustainable Development of the OSG Brand

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

Technical Seminars

OSG offers face-to-face and online technical seminars to boost the level of customer satisfaction. A survey is conducted after each seminar on participants to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Results are used as a basis for bringing constant improvement to future seminars. Our face-to-face technical seminars can be divided into sessions that invite participants to one of our facilities to deepen their knowledge through lectures and actual workshops at a demonstration room, and sessions that send our staff to regional areas for participants who have difficulty in coming to our sites. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed practical difficulty in organizing face-to-face seminars. In comparison, online technical seminars not only reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 but also allows people to participate in the seminars from anywhere. As a result, this format is gradually becoming embraced as a new seminar option. We are striving to offer seminars of even higher quality, taking advantage of these online benefits. Efforts will be made to further enhance online technical seminars and prepare for the return of face-to-face seminars in the post-COVID world.

Communication Dial

Communication Dial answers more than 100 telephone inquiries from customers every day. These queries range from basic questions to specific and highly-technical queries relating to actual cutting process. Depending on the nature of inquiry, it may be necessary to check with the design / development divisions or contact the relevant sales team to arrange a visit to the customer's site.
We monitor our call reception rate as a performance indicator to ensure all customer calls are answered, thereby boosting the level of customer satisfaction.the customer's site. We have also launched the use of an online chat system to receive customer queries. The result is a system that allows customers to easily contact us by phone and online, ensuring improved customer satisfaction. Communication Dial will continue to evolve in the "Customer First" mentality with a commitment to building a sense of assurance that OSG's communication dial is always there to answer any queries.


The OSG Technical Consultation Service receives many questions every day. These range widely from the dimensions of thread standards or end mill cutting conditions to selection of the optimal drill. In addition, callers' experience ranges from new employees first using a certain tool all the way up to the veteran employees with 50 years of machining experience.
We are always trying to anticipate what sort of problem a customer is experiencing now and what is it that they want to know. We do our best to provide the answer that they are looking for. This is also a very valuable opportunity as it provides real feedback from the field, detailing good and bad points about using OSG Group tools.

Customer-First Promotion Team Planning & Promotion Group Global Marketing Department
Mikayo Kondo

Quality Management System

Quality Policy

  • 1. Offering the best quality which satisfies our customers and society
  • 2. Promoting the standardization of operations
  • 3. Preventing progression of faulty products
  • 4. Shipping products on schedule
  • 5. Improving the quality control circle and 5S methodology

OSG Quality Certification System

We have established our own quality certification system to ensure consistent quality, and strive to maintain and improve the quality at our group companies in Japan and overseas. The quality certification system is a system to certify that quality management from receipt of raw materials (or materials for which regrinding has been requested) to product shipment and after sales service is equivalent to that of a mother factory managed by OSG Japan. Evaluation is performed by certified quality auditors from OSG Japan in accordance with the Three Reality Principle ("going on site", "knowing the situation", and "being realistic"). The systems in place to ensure that the quality required by customers is provided on a consistent basis and the capacity of employees to correctly evaluate products are evaluated. This is done through quality audits based on evidence submitted through communication with those in charge and those carrying out work.

We will continue to further expand these activities in order to ensure that OSG's standards of manufacturing are maintained at our group companies around the world.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001

Certificate No.: JQA-2856
Certified by: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Scope: The design/development, manufacture and servicing (supply of technical data, technical guidance, calibration) of cutting tools, forming tools, measuring tools and non-wire coater bar.

<Group companies with ISO 9001 certification>

  • Ohtaka Precision Co., Ltd.
  • SD MFG. Company
  • Aoyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
  • Noda Precision Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin Diamond Co., Ltd.
  • OSG Europe Logistics S.A.
  • OSG USA, Inc. (PARMA Factory, Bensenville Plant)
  • OSG GmbH
  • OSG Royco, S.A. de C.V.
  • OSG Korea Corporation
  • OSG Sulamericana de Ferramentas Ltda.
  • OSG (Shanghai) Precision Tools Co., Ltd.
  • Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Kan Shan Factory / Gangshan Factory)
  • Dabao (Dongguan) Molding & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
  • Carbide Cutting Tools Pvt, Ltd.
  • OSG Thai Co., Ltd.
  • OSG Ibérica Tooling, S.L.
  • OSG Coating Service Co., Ltd.


Certificate No.: JQA-AS0209
Certified by: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Scope: Manufacture of metal parts for spacecraft.

Supply Chain Management

As an essential player contributing to the global manufacturing industry, the OSG Group implements initiatives to provide solutions to human rights, environmental, and other challenges as well as to fulfill our social responsibility across the entire supply chain.

Establishment of CSR Procurement Guidelines

The OSG Group established the OSG Group CSR Procurement Guidelines to serve as principles governing conduct as relates to our basic procurement policy. We also share these guidelines with our suppliers and pursue transactions in accord with the guidelines. So that both the OSG Group and our suppliers fulfill our social responsibility together, we have set out the nine items below and constructed a supply chain across which there is accountability.

  • Governance
  • Human rights
  • Labor/safety & health
  • Fair corporate activities
  • Supply chain/conflict minerals
  • Quality/safety
  • Environment/biological diversity
  • Information security
  • Co-existence with local communities

Guideline-Based Sustainable Procurement

In 2022, the OSG Group conducted a CSR self-assessment survey, which was based on our OSG Group CSR Procurement Guidelines. The purpose was to ascertain the status of CSR initiatives across the supply chain as well as have suppliers develop a better understanding of the OSG Group's CSR procurement approach and efforts. We are enhancing communication with our suppliers so that together we promote CSR activities resulting in a sustainable society.

CSR Self-Assessment Survey

A survey was conducted of OSG Group's principal suppliers in Japan to better understand the status of such efforts.

  • Time frame: July-September 2022
  • Target: 117 key suppliers of raw and other materials
  • No. of responses: 96 companies (response rate: approx. 82%)

The survey was analyzed and evaluated, and feedback provided. We will continue to improve the survey, giving consideration to expanding the target range as well as the revising survey questions.

Average score
Average score

Contribution to Local Communities

Developing Young Skilled Workers with the "Community Skilled Worker Utilization Project"

Community Skilled Worker Utilization Project
Community Skilled Worker Utilization Project

OSG Group was selected to participate in the "Community Skilled Worker Utilization Project," which is administered by Toyokawa City, to help develop human resources who will lead the manufacturing industry in the future so they may acquire certification with guidance offered by skilled workers in the community. OSG dispatched three of our experienced personnel to serve as instructors at Toyokawa Technical High School. These three provided guidance to students with the goal of having them successfully pass the Engine Lathe Grade 3 Exam. They taught the students about work safety, time-saving hints, as well as points to keep in mind to achieve greater efficiency and precision, and had the students practice mostly machining work. The way the students' eyes lit up as they trained was quite impressive. The students also asked questions about cutting tools and what it is like to work in this machining profession. The OSG Group encourages the growth of our younger skilled workers. They are the ones who will eventually sustain the manufacturing industry in the future.

Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry confers Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) accreditation on OSG India Academy

Trainees acquiring skills as they operate equipment
Trainees acquiring skills as they operate equipment

OSG India Academy was accredited by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry, certifying our in-house training school opened in India as a Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM). JIM are institutes where trainees may acquire the concepts and skills necessary for Japanese-style manufacturing under the Manufacturing Skill Transfer Promotion Programme agreed to by the governments of Japan and India in November 2016. These institutes aim to develop India's human resources in the field of manufacturing. OSG India Academy currently has seven trainees enrolled. They are learning Japanese-style manufacturing by actually operating machinery during a one-year training program. OSG actively strives to develop human resources both in Japan and throughout the world, and contributes to developing India's manufacturing industry and strengthening the economic environment.

OSG supports the Shuzo Challenge, Japan Tennis Association Project for Men's Tennis Junior Players

OSG supports the Shuzo Challenge, a segment of the Mt. Fuji Project launched by the Japan Tennis Association Project to improve the skills of men's tennis junior athletes.
Shuzo Challenge is a tennis camp run by Shuzo Matsuoka, director of the Japan Tennis Association and deputy general manager of the High Performance/Junior Development Department. At the camp, Shuzo Matsuoka and his staff provide expert coaching in skills and tactics as well as the ways of building physical and mental capacity to achieve the aim of developing men's tennis junior players' skills and competence to play at a world-class level in the future.
OSG's tennis club is the OSG Phoenix. It is comprised entirely of OSG employees and one of the few amateur teams in Japan. The team plays in the Japan League where the best tennis clubs compete with some rosters including Japan's top professional players. In 2022, at the JICTF Championship which is a national tennis match for amateur tennis players who are also working members of society, the OSG team continued its winning streak from 2021, achieving its fifth win. The tennis club membership includes players who have attended the Shuzo Challenge. As we identify with the passion that Shuzo Matsuoka brings to the game, OSG made the decision to support the Shuzo Challenge.
Through our promotion of sports, OSG works to create an environment where each and every one of our employees is able to devote themselves to their daily work in a cheerful, enjoyable, and energetic manner. Based on the principle that companies should be institutions for the benefit of society, we are aiming toward a prosperous future and working to make a sustainable contribution to the community, society, and the earth.

  • President Osawa and Shuzo Matsuoka in the OSG Headquarters lobbyPresident Osawa and Shuzo Matsuoka in the OSG Headquarters lobby
  • Working with the OSG Tennis Club at OSG Sports Square (Tennis Court)Working with the OSG Tennis Club at OSG Sports Square (Tennis Court)