About the OSG Website

About the OSG Website

Thank you for visiting the OSG website (domain: []). Please read the website policy noted below when using this website.

(1) Usage environment

  • 1. We recommend you to browse this website under the following environment:
    • Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 11、Chrome 48.0.2564.97、Firefox 40.0.3
      Mac OS Safari 9.0.2
    • iPhone iOS 8 Safari、Android 5.1.1
    • Using this website under a non-recommended environment may result in improper page displays. The same issue could also occur under the recommended environment, depending on the combination among your web browser setting, model, manufacturer, and installation conditions / versions of other applications.
  • 2. This website employs the JavaScript programming language. Please enable JavaScript when using this website.

(2) Disclaimer

OSG Corporation uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information on this website. However, no guarantees are made that the information contained on this website or associated, or linked to websites is accurate, complete and current at any given time. Information presented on this website or associated sites may be changed at any time.

(3) Copyright

Copyright for the contents (texts, photographs, graphic contents, movies, logos, programs, etc.) of this website belongs to OSG Corporation or license granted right holders, so no one can use it without permission.

(4) Trademark

Trademark such as logos and service marks belongs to OSG Corporation or license granted right holders, and no one can use it without permission.

(5) Links to other websites

We provide external links solely for our users' information and convenience. When users select a link to an outside website, they are leaving the OSG website and are subject to the privacy limitations and policies of the owners / sponsors of that website. We cannot control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information contained on a linked website.

(6) Caution for links to the website

  • 1. It is strictly prohibited to set links that will infringe on the company's rights, interfere with business and spoil image of the company, to the website.
  • 2. Please refrain from setting links with a method that makes the link to the website unclear, such as displaying inside a frame.

(7)Dealing with Social Media

The Company makes extensive use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Such media serve as valuable tools for advertising the Company's products and services and for communicating with customers and the general public when using the Company's social media accounts, we are asked to observe the attitudes, behaviors and basic etiquette outlined below. Please remember that our staff are using these accounts as part of their duties with the Company.

    • 1. Be self-aware and responsible when sharing information on social media.
      • Always be aware that the information we share on the internet can be accessed by large numbers of unspecified people that is, by virtually anyone.
    • 2. Use social media with the right frame of mind.
      • -Be a good listener. Always pay close attention to what our counterparts have to say.
        -Learn by experience. Share what we learn by experience widely, both within the Company and outside, so that we can contribute to the personal growth of many individuals and the growth of communities.
        -Share and respond to information responsibly. Take care not to cause misunderstanding.
        -Avoid communications that divulge personal information.
        -Understand that the internet remembers everything. Information once posted can never be completely deleted.
        -Fulfill our responsibilities as they pertain to our routine duties.
    • 3. Notice and Request to All Customers and Users.
      • Please be aware that the views shared on social media by the Company (by our staff) do not necessarily represent the official position of the Company. Official announcements of the Company are distributed through official media such as the Company website and news releases. Content is subject to change.

Note: For information on privacy issues, please refer to the page entitled Privacy Policy.