OSG is a company which operates with an audit committee and has segregated clearly the president and directors from business execution.
Ultimate authority over business executions rest with officers including chief executive officer. The board does however retain a supervisory capacity.
The majority of directors on the board are outsiders in an effort to establish adequate governance and accountability from the perspective of stockholders.

Board of Directors (Supervisory Role)


  • Norio Ishikawa

Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member)

  • Gohei Osawa
  • Takeo Nakagawa(Outsider)
  • Hiroyuki Ohmori(Outsider)
  • Kyoshiro Ono(Outsider)
  • Yoshiyuki Sakaki(Outsider)
  • Akito Takahashi(Outsider)

Corporate Officer System

President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Norio Ishikawa

Managing Officer

  • Nobuaki Osawa
  • Jiro Osawa
  • Hideaki Osawa
  • Koji Takeo

Senior Executive Officer

  • Mike Grantham
  • Mitsuyoshi Hikosaka
  • Yasutaka Yoneda

Executive Officer

  • Hiromi Ohno
  • Jeffrey Tennant
  • Kazuhisa Sawada
  • Takehiro Tomiyoshi
  • Toshihiro Hisadome
  • Yasushi Suzuki
  • Hideyuki Ohashi
  • Kenya Sugihara
  • Seungjin Chung