NC Code Generator Software



The ThreadPro is a NC code generator software designed for Thread Mills. It is available in 12 different languages and supports 8 NC programming languages.

ThreadPro can be accessed via smartphones and PC tablets even when you are on the road without a computer.

Update Log

Ver.3.19 We have corrected a bug that error could cause in the approach process of male thread machining. (2022.3.29)
Ver.3.18 We have corrected a bug that a cutting time to be displayed incorrectly in some cases. (2022.2.28)
Ver.3.17 We have corrected a bug that the amount of cut in the radial direction does not change in male thread processing.
We have modified output NC code to return to machine zero more certainly about some CNC type. (2021.12.22)

Web version of ThreadPro (Ver.3.19)


  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please useGoogle Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems.
  • OSG accepts no responsibility for losses arising from use of the program.
  • When HTML file made by ThreadPro is garbled, please change the browser' s encoding setting to Unicode.

Details on Thread Mill

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