New Product Releases in April

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  • 2019.04.17
Information regarding the latest product releases in April.

On Sale from April 17

Anti-Vibration Carbide End Mill

Long-flute chipbreaker style added to the AE-VML offering for long-hour and high-feed side milling, trochoidal milling and pocket milling.


・AE-VML φ6X19-N~φ12X48-N 8 sizes

End Mills for Additive Manufacturing

Three-dimensional negative robust geometry optimized for additive manufacturing, even applicable to large depth of cut.


・AM-CRE φ6XR1.5~φ20XR3 6 sizes

・AM-EBT φR3X6~φR10X20  6 sizes

ADF: Carbide Flat Drill

New Sizes

ADO: Carbide Drill

・ADF-2D φ0.2~φ1.95 60 sizes

ADO: Carbide Drill with Oil Hole

New Sizes

ADO: Carbide Drill with Oil Hole

・ADO-10D  φ4.8-5~φ6.6-7 3 sizes

・ADO-15D  φ6.1-7~φ6.8-7 3 sizes

・ADO-20D  φ4.8-5~φ6.8-7 3 sizes

・ADO-30D  φ6.9-7     1 sizes

SynchroMaster: Tap Holder

New Sizes

・ST20D-SMH16-68、ST25D-SMH16-68 2 sizes