Completion of NEO Shinshiro Factory

  • About OSG
  • 2020.11.04

TOYOKAWA―November 4, 2020―OSG Corporation today announces the completion of its new NEO Shinshiro Zero-One Factory and the renovation of the existing adjacent building. OSG's overall manufacturing system was reorganized in May 2020, and the NEO Shinshiro Factory is now dedicated as a manufacturing hub for carbide drills, carbide taps, high-speed steel drills and high-speed steel end mills. The newly revamped factory has the capacity to produce 650,000 high-quality solid tools per month. Currently, it is manufacturing approximately 5,400 types of products and 7,700 lots on a monthly basis.

The latest addition to the NEO Shinshiro Factory is named "Zero-One Factory" to emphasize digitalization and innovation through out-of-the-box thinking. OSG strives to nurture a culture in which employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and to break away from existing practices in order to craft new innovative products from scratch.

While making the best use of the manufacturing know-how cultivated over the years, OSG has refined its on-site capabilities by implementing improvements that have been identified through digitalization. What the company focuses on at NEO Shinshiro Factory is the thorough visualization of manufacturing. Information such as the operating rate of each machine, schedule, production status and volume are shared, and the collected data is analyzed. By eliminating waste in production and optimally making arrangements according to the situation, lead time can be reduced for both standard and special products. With a revamped production system that is highly efficient and versatile, the NEO Shinshiro Factory aims to achieve ultra-high-variety low-volume production on a scale unparalleled in the world.

By transforming on-site know-how with digital technology, OSG is able to drive new efficiencies into the core of its operation. With the completion of the NEO Shinshiro Factory, which serves as an initiator of the renewal of the company's global production system, OSG will continue to improve its ability to fulfill the growing on-demand economy and to take manufacturing to a new level.