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OSG NEO Shinshiro Factory
Factory appearance

Shorten lead time with ultra-high-variety low-volume production


The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and smart factory

Out-of-the-box thinking
OSG Zero-One Factory



Breaking away from existing concepts and thinking from zero



Getting from 0 to 1 by out-of-the-box thinking

"Zero-One Factory" as the NEO Shinshiro Factory slogan

At the NEO Shinshiro Factory, we produce carbide drills, carbide taps, high-speed drills and high-speed end mills. This is a new factory that aims to achieve ultra-high-variety low-volume production on a scale unparalleled in the world. While making the best use of the manufacturing know-how inherited from the past, we have refined our true on-site capabilities by implementing improvements that have been identified through thorough digitalization.

Ultimately, it is "people" who create from zero to one. By utilizing digital technology, all employees working at NEO Shinshiro will eliminate stereotypes, generate new ideas and increase productivity.


NEO Shinshiro Factory's symbol

"Hanging Earth"

A chain that splits magma from the earth,
extending from the core as if it is hanging the planet,
leading it toward the universe.
A representation of OSG’s corporate philosophy.

Kenji Misawa, Sculptor


Message from Sculptor Kenji Misawa


NEO Shinshiro Factory
1-2 Maruyama, Arumi, Shinshiro-City, Aichi 441-1317, Japan
TEL : (81)536 -25-1311
FAX : (81)536- 25-1310

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OSG NEO Shinshiro Factory