SHAPE IT is a global tooling magazine published by OSG that informs and educates engineers, machinists and technical staff members in the manufacturing industry around the world with timely, informative news, technical articles and useful machining techniques to improve the quality of their work. Contents from the magazine are also available via the OSG Blog at

2019 SummerNEW

SHAPE IT 2019 Summer

  • ADO-TRS 'Triple Revolution' 3-Flute Carbide Drill Technical Insight
  • Global Customer Reports
  • OSG News
  • Employee Interview in Mexico

Back Number

2019 Winter
Aerospace Industry Strategic

OSG SHAPE IT 2019 Winter

  • SynchroMaster Tap Holder Technical Insights
  • Global Customer Reports
  • 2019 Exhibition Schedule
  • Employee Interview in Singapore

2018 vol.2
Tool Master Certification

OSG SHAPE IT 2018 vol.2

  • Tool Master Certification: Continuing Education Programs
  • Solid Ceramic End Mills for High Efficiency Machining
  • Global Customer Reports
  • Employee Interview in Shanghai, China

2018 vol.1
Tool Presetter

OSG SHAPE IT 2018 vol.1

  • Tool Presetter: The Measure of Success
  • Special Interview with President of GROB
  • Revolutionary 1-Pass Thread Mill AT-1
  • Global Customer Reports
  • Product Pickup

2017 vol.2
Industrial Robotic Technology

OSG SHAPE IT 2017 vol.2

  • Metal-Removal: There is a robot for that
  • Shifting Gear to Electric
  • The New Standard for Milling
  • Global Customer Reports
  • Bring Your Worn Tools Back to Life

2017 vol.1

OSG SHAPE IT 2017 vol.1

  • Masatoshi Nojiri: From tap engineer to all-around application solution provider
  • Global Customer Reports
  • Product Pickup
  • 2017 Exhibition Schedule

2016 vol.2

OSG SHAPE IT 2016 vol.2

  • Rise to AMRC Tier 1
  • The Battle Against Space Debris
  • Global Customer Reports
  • Product Pickup

2016 vol.1
A Brand

OSG SHAPE IT 2016 vol.1

  • Global Customer Reports
  • Product Pickup
  • 2016 Exhibition Schedule
  • Employee Interview

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