President's Message

OSG Corporation

shaping your dreams- Striving to Build a Harmonious Planet and Society for a Prosperous Future -

Thank you for your continued support of OSG.

Our company has been manufacturing and developing precision cutting tools since our establishment in 1938. An innovative approach to industry and technology is essential in order to provide people with convenience alongside financial and environmental stability in their daily lives. However, in addition to the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, efforts to create a sustainable, environmentally-conscious society have become an even more important agenda for businesses in recent years.

Through the development of eco-friendly products based on our philosophy with regards to the environment, we at OSG are working to develop and propose new products and services that employ manufacturing processes with reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency. In order to further reduce our environmental impact, we are implementing initiatives relating to resource and energy conservation, reduction of waste output, and carbide material recycling in various processes throughout the OSG Group. We are also working to strengthen cooperation throughout the supply chain, from design and development to after sales service, in order to maximize the unique value that OSG offers and provide a tailored response to diversifying market needs.

Our employees are crucial to the future of the company, and their contributions will be key to the sustainable growth of the business. For this reason, we strive to provide the best possible working environment through the implementation of initiatives such as flextime systems. As a part of our commitment to co-creation with communities, we contribute to the society around us in any way we can through a range of initiatives, including by promoting sporting activities and providing support to educational and medical institutions.

We announced the company tagline "shaping your dreams" in 2014 following a review of our brand identity. This serves as a statement of the objectives of the OSG Brand and is based on our unwavering determination to use manufacturing to provide products and services that shape our customers' dreams into reality.

The hard work that each and every employee puts in on a daily basis serves to support a manufacturing industry that acts in harmony with the environment. In addition to helping our customers achieve their dreams, we believe that a constant awareness of the value that we bring to the future of society allows us to contribute to the development of a sustainable planet and society through our business.

OSG established its very first overseas subsidiary in 1968. Since then, we have built a global network spanning 33 countries and we have social responsibilities to a wide range of stakeholders. Moving forward, we will strive to maintain the trust that the OSG Brand has built up among stakeholders around the world, creating a harmonious planet and society for a prosperous future in which dreams become reality.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.