OSG's infection prevention measures against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

  • About OSG
  • 2020.04.06

To protect our customers and employees from infection and/or spreading of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), OSG Corporation has taken the following preventive measures:

Measures Pertaining Health Management

・Employees must measure their body temperature prior to arriving to the office.

・Upon arrival, body temperature is again taken by a medical staff (nurse, health manager, etc.).

・Employees with a body temperature of over 37.5℃ are required to notify their manager and to stay home. If family members of the employee have a possibility of either being infected to COVID-19 and / or having close contact with a COVID-19 carrier, the employee is required to stay home and to report the situation to the company.

・Wearing a face mask within the office, as well as frequent hand wash is required.

・Proper ventilation of the office is required at least once a day.

Measures Pertaining Business Activities

・Employees are forbidden to attend meetings / seminars with over 10 people, whether held within the office or not.

・The use of public transportation, such as airplanes and trains, during an employee's domestic and / or international business trip is forbidden (using public transportation for daily work / sales activity is an exception).

・Employees who are using public transportation for commuting are required to avoid rush hours.

・Wearing a face mask is required when visiting customers.

・Meetings with customers and visitors should be postponed and / or rescheduled as much as possible. The use of telecommunication services, such as email, phone and video meeting, are highly recommended.

・Implement and promotion of flextime to allow employees with young children to cope with school closure.

・Sales staff should carry on with their sales activities by going and returning to each destination directly, and to avoid / minimize making trips to the office.

・Visitors are required to wear masks (to be supplied when necessary) and to disinfect hands using the installed alcohol disinfectant upon entering the facility.

・Alteration in floor layout to avoid close contact between employees (to minimize spending more than 30 minutes with another individual within a radius of 2 m) and promotion of telecommuting.

These measures are effective until the risk of infection of COVID-19 has subsided.