OSG acquires JIS Q 9100 (aerospace industry standard) certification

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  • 2017.06.15

OSG Corporation is pleased to announce that it has obtained the certification of JIS Q 9100 (aerospace industry standard).

The JIS Q 9100 is an internationally recognized quality standard specific to the aerospace industry based on ISO 9001, which requires strict standard for certification. Known as JIS Q 9100 in Japan, AS 9100 in North America and EN 9100 in Europe, the standard is strongly supported and adhered to by major aeronautics manufacturers. As of 2016, only around 700 business establishments have earned the certification in Japan.

OSG Corporate began preparing for the auditing at the end of 2015. In December 2016, it was audited by Bureau Veritas Corporation, a worldwide certification company, and was certified in May 2017. With this accreditation, OSG Corporation is committed to making every effort to continue to improve the quality of products for the aviation and space industry.

Scope of Registration (valid for the following products and/or services):

1.The design and manufacturing of end mills, drills (excluding step-drills) and reamers.

2.The manufacturing of spacecraft metal parts