OSG releases "IDEA OSG 1" Documentary - Episode 1: Satellite Structure Assembly and Integration

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  • 2016.08.10

OSG Corporation released the first episode of its "IDEA OSG 1" documentary highlighting the structure assembly and integration of the orbital debris monitoring satellite.

View the short film at OSG's official YouTube channel
or at the IDEA OSG 1's official website: .

About the IDEA OSG 1 Project

To create a more sustainable space environment and to further expand the horizons of the manufacturing industry, OSG has partnered with Astroscale, a Singapore-based startup, to construct the world's very first in-situ microsatellite "IDEA (In-situ Debris Environmental Awareness) OSG 1" to contribute to the global effort of cataloging small-size orbital debris and to improve future manned and un-manned space missions' safety. The IDEA OSG 1 is scheduled for launch during the winter of 2016/early 2017.