IDEA OSG 1 Mission Introduced at "Mirai-ten 2016" Technology Event in Nagoya

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  • 2016.08.09

OSG Corporation participated at the "Mirai-ten 2016" (Future 2016) technology event held in Fukiage Hall, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan from July 27-28 to raise greater awareness on space environment issues.

On the first day of "Mirai-ten 2016," a special lecture focusing on space debris and the orbital debris monitoring microsatellite "IDEA OSG 1" took place. Yasunori Yamazaki of Astroscale, developer of the "IDEA OSG 1" microsatellite, and Jiro Osawa and Yasuhito Fujii of OSG Corporation, official sponsor of the mission, led the one-and-a-half-hour lecture introducing space debris problems and the latest technologies for removing this threat to vital satellites orbiting around the earth. During the second half of the lecture two members from the popular Japanese idol girl group SKE48, Sarina Soda and Rara Goto, were introduced as special guests and joined the discussion.

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