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NC Code Generator Software


The ThreadPro is a NC code generator software designed for Planet Cutters.


A significant upgrade from its previous excel version with multiple NC programming language support capability. Usability has also been improved.

  • Available in 12 different languages
  • Supports 8 NC programming languages
【Supported Operating Systems】
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later

Download (8.52 MB)

  • In Google Chrome a download warning with the following message " < file > is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous" may appear. As the file is safe to download, please disregard the warning and select "keep."
  • OSG's thread mill products are referred to as Planet Cutters.

Details on Thread Mill

Details on Diameter Correction Tool

ThreadPro User Guide

  • When HTML file made by ThreadPro is garbled, please change the browser' s encoding setting to Unicode.

Update Log

2016.12.05 Temporary Out of service forAlluminum Alloy Casting (AC, ADC) .
2016.10.06 We have corrected the error of RPRG of Parallel pipe threads(G、Rp、PS、PF)cutting tool.
2016.09.16 We have corrected the error of RPRG of Parallel pipe threads(G、Rp、PS、PF) 1/4 cutting tool.
2016.08.24 Modified the small bugs.
2016.07.26 Modified the small bugs.

NC assist program for thread mills

OSG's NC assist program for thread mills is available on this page.

Download (160 KB)

  • The file is in EXCEL format and applies to FANUC NC.
  • As this program is made by metric, it may not work normally with non-metric NC unit.
  • OSG accepts no responsibility for losses arising from use of the program.
  • Not compatible with Microsoft Excel Viewer.

In case of macro error

To activate macro, please go to Tools->Macro->Security...->'Security Level' and select the radio button labeled "Medium" or "High" and restart your office application.