Basic Philosophy and Policy

Environmental Vision

Basic Environmental Ideas

  • We recognize that the preservation of the global environment and symbiosis with nature are in harmony with our business plan and are fundamental obligations.
  • Our three declarations made in October 1996 ("Global Expansion" "Health-consciousness" "Eco-friendliness") are part of our corporate ethics and we will disclose this universally.
  • While offering products and services that contribute to society, we will make consideration of the environment an essential task.
  • While following societal norms, we will use our power to harmoniously promote sustainable development.

Environmental Policy


Located in the beautiful natural environment between the abundantly green base of the Hongu Mountains and clear Toyokawa River, following the principles of "Tool Communication" OSG will make both social and economic contributions. We will preserve the global environment, and, while striving to be in symbiosis with nature, we will recognize this as our fundamental obligation.


"An Eco-friendly Company"
"A Culture that Cares for the Environment"

Our Course of Action

  • From planning and development to disposal, for each phase in the life of our tools, we will strive to save resources, conserve energy, and reduce waste to preserve the natural environment. Additionally, we will offer products considerate of the environment.
  • We will strive for continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • While complying with environmental laws and other requirements, we will bear the responsibility for and manage all business activities that have an impact on the environment, and strive to elevate our level of social responsibility.
  • Our environmental goals and targets will be based on environmental laws, environmental concerns, and the ideas of stakeholders. These goals will be adjusted annually.
  • This policy is the foundation of our environmental management system, and through maintaining it, it will become common knowledge to all employees.
  • When disclosure of this policy is requested outside of the company, it will be open to the public.