Eco-friendly Products

OSG engages in the development of products and new technology that can improve the machining efficiency and reduce the machining costs of our clients, and allow them to engage in environmentally-friendly machining that does not waste energy.

Eco-friendly products and technology

OSG's efforts
Eco-friendly products
  • High quality and performance cutting tools.
  • Efficient machining operations.
Eco-friendly technology
Result of efforts
Environmental impact
  • Energy saving
  • Emissions reduction
Cost reduction at customer's side
  • Energy saving (power, oil, water, etc.)
  • Reduction of material and labor cost

Recycling projects at our offices

OSG's major business locations actively promote recycling and the reduction of waste, and since FY2005 we have achieved a recycling rate of over 99%.

A high recycle rate aiming for a "Sustainable Society"

A high recycle rate aiming for a

Promoting the recycling of hardened tools

OSG recycles carbide tools to conserve valuable resources and contribute to a recycling-oriented society.

Activities of carbide recycling

Activities of carbide recycling

In order to contribute to a recycling society and reuse precious resources, OSG has joined hands with Nihon Hard Metal Co., Ltd. in an effort to recycle hardened tools.

Merits of hardened tool recycling by Nihon Hard Metal Co., Ltd.

  • As long as the tool has been hardened, it doesn't have to be separated into categories such as end mills, drills, reamers, and tips.
  • It's okay if the tools contain small amounts of a different material (tools with cermet, ceramic and steel shanks are separated)
  • Amount of material that can be sent for recycling: 20kg and over (shipping costs are paid by Nihon Hard Metal Co., Ltd.)
  • Recycling cost: Payment may be made through bank deposit

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